Winkler Hawks

What if the highly respected tomahawk maker of the film, The LAST OF THE MOHICANS, collaborated with the technical knife advisors from THE HUNTED?

It would take several lifetimes to match the incredible talent and experience that went into the making of this hawk.

The Sayoc-Winkler Hawk‘s exotic streamlined design is something to behold. An experienced blade, axe or firearm user will instantly feel the ergonomic and practical application the design supports.

“Rafael Kayanan from Sayoc did most of the design work based on 30 years of edged weapons practice and expertise. That along with the work I have been doing and my experience making Tomahawks and working hatchets really came together in making this project a reality.

Every aspect of the design of these Hawks have been developed based on practical weight, balance, grips, materials, size, the curve of the blade, the spike and other details has been taken into consideration. From all that I have seen these axe designs are the most thoroughly researched combative designs available. No detail was left unattended because of cost or difficulty to produce” Daniel Winkler

“Much of what I added and changed on the R&D Hawk (acronym for Rafael and Daniel) from the traditional hawks is for effective modern grip points.

Individuals who have expertise in tomahawk close quarter fighting or are adept with various edged weapons like karambits, bowies and short swords can easily adapt their methods to this weapon due to the versatility the R&D hawks provide.” Rafael Kayanan